How 4 Pillars serves their customers

4 Pillars was created in reaction to an imbalanced environment between debtors, creditors, and the debt relief options available. Most debt help companies in Canada were paid or supported by the creditors, making it difficult for debtors to be truly represented and see the full benefit of the debt relief options available. 4 Pillars aimed to change that via several principles.

They never wanted repeat clients. If a client came back to consolidate their debt again, they would consider that a ‘complete failure’.
They wanted to educate their clients. This would differentiate them from competitors. As a result, they worked to create a complete financial rehabilitation program for their clients that they could share with various government departments in financial literacy and non-profit organisations.
They approached clients holistically. As Troy mentioned, “Debt is only part of someone’s financial picture.” 4 Pillars wanted to give them the education necessary to financially succeed beyond debt. This included helping clients with initial first steps, financial goal planning, budgeting, even educating clients on subjects like home ownership and credit.

However, 4 Pillars was having trouble proving their worth to others in the industry. They knew their clients recognised the value the services provided through the testimonials they gave but the debt consulting business has a troubled reputation. As a result, 4 Pillars began collecting reviews on their own but they ran into a few challenges.

The collection process was manual and inefficient
Because 4 Pillars was collecting and publishing reviews, other industry professionals and some potential customers expressed skepticism
Because 4 Pillars didn’t have an automated way to collect reviews, it was difficult to make the most of reviews.

So 4 Pillars needed a way to impartially and efficiently collect reviews to highlight the experience of their customers, continue to build on its reputation, and show potential clients how 4 Pillars valued their clients. More importantly, these reviews needed to give their clients a voice and show others that they have a choice. By opting to collect reviews with Trustpilot, an independent third-party review platform, they were able to show other potential customers what 4 Pillars really stood for.


Fords of Winsford has been the North West of England’s largest all-makes used car supermarket for over 50 years. Established in 1959, the company now has over 1,800 cars in stock, including 30 different makes, and countless models for sale across their 2 sites which are located in Winsford, Cheshire and Trafford, Manchester.

As a three-time winner of ‘What Car?’ magazine’s ‘Car Supermarket of the Year’ award, the company is a major online retailer of used cars, and remains a family-owned business. We spoke to Nathan Quayle, Group Marketing Manager, to learn how reviews have helped them bolster their digital presence.

Fords of Winsford has a strong advertising presence on TV and radio but were looking to improve their digital marketing. Over a year ago, the business decided to give online reviews a go and opt for a more customer-centric strategy.

Nathan Quayle, Group Marketing Manager at Fords of Winsford, explains:

“As a company, we looked at taking control of our online reputation and PR as we had a handful of reviews across a number of websites. We needed a central source of trustworthy, honest feedback we could both learn from and showcase to customers. We based our choice on the company with the largest brand name and greatest SEO presence – Trustpilot.”

To boost their brand reputation, Fords of Winsford came up with a two-phase plan.

Phase 1 was about growth, and consisted of building a healthy and honest score by collecting hundreds of reviews.
Phase 2 was all about boosting the business’s reputation, highlighting the company’s rating and sharing positive customer experiences.

Today, Fords of Winsford prides itself on managing its online reputation remarkably well with the help of Trustpilot.