Cloud Strategy, Audits and Governance Enable Smoother IT

ViaWest Director of Channel Strategy and Marketing Tamara Prazak has penned a blog post for Cloud Girls highlighting the importance of cloud audits and governance. In the post, Tamara outlines the drivers, approaches and supporting deliverables for cloud audits and ongoing governance.

Nearly every organization is on journey of transforming their IT infrastructure and cloud solutions are part of the mix for nearly all of them. The ever-increasing flood of data that users are generating, evolving security risks and new technologies are just a few of the pressures keeping CIOs up at night.

Most companies opt to move a portion of their workloads to the cloud while also maintaining other workloads on-premise. In fact, approximately one-third of IT budgets on average is being spent on the cloud according to a study of 1,050 IT decision makers produced by Fujitsu, Brocade, Intel and NetApp. This mixing and matching of solutions brings added complexity in terms of people, processes and technology overall.

For this reason, having a documented cloud strategy helps pave the way for smoother transitions and fewer roadblocks as improvements are made to existing infrastructure and processes. Conducting a cloud audit and establishing a governance plan are integral components to a solid cloud strategy.

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