Inorder to Avoid Common Problem While Creating A Website We Must Adopt Good Methodology.

In my new job, after completing the recruitment process of the team, we were developing an ecommerce project. At completion of the website, client changed his requirements. In this scenario, the organization has to either negotiate with the client on the extra cost and time, or absorb the additional costs.

To avoid such problems, we must adopt agile methodology to develop, plus freeze the requirements before starting the development. The agile approach helps to divide entire project into small tasks, brings forth efficiency. The requirements freezing will help us to plan well all the resources, to stick to the plan. This approach leaves a little scope for clients’ dissatisfaction and increase satisfaction levels, every time.

The agile approach combined with requirements and design freezing ahead helps us to solve all clients’ queries and leads to strong bonding with the client and a long term professional relationship.

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