What should we go for better User Experience with Micro-Interactions?

Now a day UX with Micro-Interactions play a vital role for good looking of website or product.There is a statement in English that “Everyone can judge a book by its cover”.Like that no matter how do you code to design a website no one can give importance to the code rather then everyone focused on the better design of the product.For better design micro-interactions play important role.Below is the some of the key feature related to micro-interactions.

show system status: Let us take an example .if someone upload a file then by the help of micro interactions one can know at that moment what is the percentage a file uploaded.we can say percentage progress bar.Otherwise if the file is in big size then end user fill boring if website not implemented micro-interactions.
Highlight changes: End user click some action lets take example he click pause button then ux designer by help of micro-interaction highlight the pause button show that its look beautiful for end user.Animated notification should be used for attracting user.
Keep Context Good: it can be difficult to fit a lot of information on one screen on mobile website. One way to handle it is to keep clear navigation between different pages; so the user understands what appeared from where, and is able to easily navigate back.

I this way a lot of thing can do by help of micro-interactions and animations as a result it brings life into our project.

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